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There are hundreds of Homes for sale on the Emerald Coast for at any given time.   In fact at the time I wrote this there were  367   Your property needs to stand out and look great.  I can give you an edge in two ways, Technology Driven Marketing and Staging. Digital Media Marketing is more important than ever.  It gives your property the exposure it needs to get the most eyes on it.   I have a degree in Film and Media Arts and will use this knowledge to aggressively market your property in order to get the highest price possible.

  Another way I can give you an edge is with Staging. Sometimes just moving things around can make the photos really draw the eyes in.   Properly placing the right design elements can make a world of difference.   8 years experience in Marketing Interior Design informs all aspects of marketing a property.   I will not just take some sub par pictures and throw them on MLS and wait. I will go the extra mile to give you the edge in a highly competitive market

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